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«Aldehyde-Assisted Fractionation (AAF) enables high...»

Title:«Aldehyde-Assisted Fractionation (AAF) enables high yield and selective production of sustainable functional ingredients from biomass» Dr. Florent Héroguel, Bloom,

Together with EPFL, Bloom Biorenewables SA has developed a ground-breaking solution for the production of sustainable and cost-competitive bio-based materials. Most of biomass valorisation processes available today focus on cellulose, while lignin, representing ca. 20%wt of lignocellulosic biomass, is considered as a side-stream and being burnt. Bloom’s patented strategy is to stabilize lignin during its extraction from biomass to prevent its degradation. The main benefit is the production of an uncon-densed lignin suitable for incorporation in materials or for selective and high yield production of aromatics.1–4Furthermore, the cellulose stream is highly crystalline and hence suitable for sustainable materials production, and a functionalized form of xylose is produced from hemicellulose fraction. Bloom and its partners are currently validating the market and the technology at the 630 litres scale and looking for new partners to scale-up further and develop new applications.


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