Step 4: Scan2Lead

What is Scan2Lead?

Scan2Lead is the lead management system from the adventics company that is being used at ILMAC for the first time. Thanks to this modern visitor-scanner solution, you can see at a push of a button who is standing opposite you, and can collect all the key information on visitors to your stand in a matter of seconds. The information is based on the details that the visitors have to provide when registering online.

Test Scan2Lead now – free of charge and without any obligation!

With your personal test login, just two clicks will take you to the Scan2Lead App:

1. Click on this link to go directly to your registration form

2. Enter your personal test login:


Experience the great functions live right now and see their many advantages.

Order Scan2Lead now via m-manager.

Order Scan2Lead now via m-manager.

How Scan2Lead works – exploit the full potential

  • Visitors register online and print out their Print@home ticket
  • At ILMAC, they are given their badge, insert their ticket in it and go through the turnstiles
  • You scan the barcode on the visitor's badge
  • The visitor information is then immediately available to you for further processing
  • You can add to the data at any time
  • All the scanned data is collected in your personal Scan2Lead web portal
  • The data can be readily exported from here and transferred to your CRM or other marketing systems for further use
  • A data interface is also available on request for linking in or integrating your own systems

Scan2Lead web portal – make use of the valuable functions

  • You manage all your visitor information here
  • You always have access to up-to-date visitor data
  • You know precisely how many leads you have
  • You manage all the Scan2Lead devices on your stand
  • You can see the number of leads per stand employee
  • You can call up interesting statistics
  • You can manage your visitor files
  • You can export all the data to Excel at the press of a button
  • You configure your personal lead qualifiers

Scan2Lead Collect: Rental device for easy collection of visitor data

Scan2Lead Collect is an easy-to-handle data collection device for the rapid capture of visitor data on your exhibition stand. With the "Visitor questionnaire" you can also record predefined information on each visitor. Simple allocation to employees or scanning stations is possible. Price: CHF 349.-

Our Scan2Lead solutions

Choose between 3 different Scan2Lead products which all work together seamlessly. 

Scan2Lead Smart: Licence for your Smartphone or Tablet (Apple and Android)

The Smartphone app Scan2Lead for rapidly capturing visitor data on your exhibition stand can be operated easily and intuitively.
  • Price per licence: CHF 199.- / As of 5 licences 5% discount, as of 10 licences 10% discount.
  • Variant: Scan2Lead Smart licence, including a rental tablet: CHF 399.-

Scan2Lead Station incl. scanner: The solution for your stand counter

With the Scan2Lead Station you can easily and rapidly capture the registration data of your visitors at the fair, save them and supplement them with your own notes. The Scan2Lead Station runs on Windows and Apple PCs and laptops. The Scan2Lead Station comprises a licence for the use of the web app and a USB scanner gun as a rental device for the duration of ILMAC. The Scan2Lead Station can also be booked with a preconfigured rental notebook.
Price: CHF 349.- / including rental notebook CHF 449.-

Scan2Lead Portal: included with all 3 products

The Scan2Lead Portal is the central point at which you can view, edit, evaluate and export your visitor data. You can also administer and configure your Scan2Lead devices and licences.